Thursday, October 1, 2009

Characteristics of Japanese Architecture

In the beginning, Japanese architecture was highly influenced by Chinese Architecture following the shapes and designs of the houses. However, its characteristics soon identified as the chair-use life style of Chinese architectures and floor-sit life style of Japanese architectures, during the century of Meiji (1868-1912). It was the weather that which has enormously influenced the Japanese architectures later. Summer in Japan lasted long and deadly hot. They were not able to ignore the earthquakes as well. Therefore, the traditional Japanese architectures were built tall for ventilation, where their material helps for cooler summer and warmer winter. In case of earthquakes, many different kinds of pliable woods were used for prevention. It was the Century of Muromachi where they found the beauty of Japanese garden and begin applying the arts of garden with architectures; named Architecture of Kazlrarique.

By Yooha Jo

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