Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Japanese Architecture

Japanese Architecture has changed alot throughout history. Cultural Influences such as Japanese leaders and political power, religion, war, natural disasters, and symbolism have had dramatic impact on the various styles. Each time period has it's own unique architectural form.

Originally heavily influenced by Chinese architecture from the Tang Dynasty, as well as by Korea. The need to rebuild Japan after World War II proved a great stimulus to Japanese architecture, and within a short time, the cities were functioning again. However, the new cities that came to replace the old ones came to look very different.

Little is recorded of prehistoric Japanese Architecture, but scientists have found evidence of small buildings with thatched roofs and dirt floors, or if it was a hot and humid area, floors would be made of wood.

Western building techniques, materials, and styles were brought to the cities of Japan. Materials such as steel and concrete were much different than the natural materials such as straw and wood, and are also far less flammable and destructible. The styles went from big, rectangular prisms to long and tall skyscrapers.

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